Lies in Pakistani history textbooks

The lies that Pakistani history textbooks contain are truly unbelievable. Here is their account of the first muslim conquest in India, followed by the true account.

Pakistani Class VIth textbook describing the conquest of Debal by Mohammed Bin Qasim:

"In the middle of the city of Deebal (Sindh), there was a Hindu temple. There
was a flag hoisted on top of it. The Hindus believed that as long as the flag
kept flying, nobody could harm them. Mohd bin Qasim found out about this…. The
Muslims began to catapult stones at the temple and at the flag, ultimately
making it fall to the ground. The whole city became tumultuous and the Hindus
lost heart. Some Muslims clambered up the walls of the temple and forced open
the door. Qasim’s army entered the city and after conquering it, announced
peace. The Muslims treated the vanquished so well many Hindus converted to

Here is the true account, from Mohd Bin Qasim's own chronicles:

"Mohd bin Qasim first attacked Debal. It was garrisoned by 4000 hindu kshatriyas
and supported by 3000 brahmans. All males of ages 17 and upwards were put to the
sword (killed) and their women and children enslaved. 700 beautiful females who
were seeking protection in the budh (probably meaning buddhist temple) were
captured with valuable ornaments. Mohd dispatched 1/5th of these to Hajjaj,
governor of Damascus as per Islamic law. This included 75 damsels. Other 4/5ths
were distributed among soldiers.

Thereafter whichever places were
attacked like Rawar, Sehwan, Dhalila, Multan, etc. hindu soldiers and men were
slain, the common people fled or had to accept Islam. Some died with their
religion (ie refused to convert). Many women of the higher class immolated
themselves (Jauhar) and most others became the prize of the conquerors. These
women and children were enslaved and converted. Batches of them were sent to the
Caliph in regular installments. After Rawar was taken, Qasim halted there for 3
days during which he killed 6000 men. Their followers and women were taken
captive. Later when the slaves were counted, there were 60,000. Of these, 30
young ladies were of royal blood. Qasim sent them all to the Hajjaj, who
forwaded them to Walid the Khalifa. A considerable number of hindus were
enslaved and deported to Iraq. The entire garrison of Multan was put to sword,
and families of the chiefs numbering 6000 were enslaved.

In Sindh,
females captured after every campaign were converted and married to arab
soldiers. The instructions given by Hajjaj to Mohd Bin Qasim were "give no
quarter to the infidels, but to cut their throats, and take the women and
children as slaves."

When the final conquest of Sindh was done, 1/5th of
all plunder was brought in front of Qasim. These were 20,000 women. Veils were
put on their faces and they were distributed among the soldiers."


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