..And the world remained silent

A video on the Religious cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir.

A little bit of history: Kashmir was a Hindu state for centuries. It was forcibly converted to Islam mostly under the rule of the notoriously cruel despot Sikandar Butshikan (the last name means "breaker of idols" or "iconoclast"). Most Kashmiri muslims to this day retain their Hindu last names, such as "Dar", "Butt (Bhat)", etc. as a relic of their Hindu past. Even after this mass forcible conversion, Hindus lived as a 5% minority in Kashmir till 1990.

In 19th January, 1990, even that second class existence, in a land that has been a cradle of Hindu civilization, was terminated.

Overnight, fliers in the name of various Islamic Jihadi groups appeared all over the Kashmir valley asking the Hindus to leave since Kashmir was to be made an Islamic state and "cleansed of Kafirs". The flyers warned the Hindus that their women would be taken away from them if they stayed. Some flyers asked only the men to flee, and leave their women behind. Understandably, there was a mass exodus of Hindus from the valley. The few who stayed were targetted brutally over the next decade. (Picture: A victim of the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus at Wandhama by Islamic Jihadis)

Since 1990, over 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus, evicted from their centuries old homeland, have lived in squalid refugee camps spread over North India. No political party gives them any attention since they present no significant political gains. The same politicans who bend over backwards to be photographed at Iftar and Eid parties in order to get muslim votes would not be seen within 10 miles of a Hindu refugee camp. The left, which cries hoarse about issues as far removed from India as Palestine, will not speak a word in protest of the cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley. Such is India's "secularism" and such is the dishonesty of our "intellectuals."

And you don't have to guess what has come concomitant with the religious cleansing of Hindus from the valley - Islamization. At about the same time the Hindus were asked to leave the valley, Kashmiri women were asked to start wearing the Burqua, or face the consequences. Women who were seen in public without a veil were often subject to acid attacks, disfiguring them for life. Men were encouraged to grow Islamic beards. The valley became an Islamic state. Guess what? That is what the Kuran and Hadith say is the ultimate goal of Islam - to make the entire world into one Islamic state where Shari'a law governs every single detail of your daily living. It has happened in Kashmir during our lifetimes.

Here is the video.

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