Bangladesh 1971 - The forgotten genocide

The single best site for learning about the 1971 Genocide is:

The website provides scholarly references to books which studied and documented this genocide.

"The mass killings in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1971 vie with the annihilation of the Soviet POWs, the holocaust against the Jews, and the genocide in Rwanda as the most concentrated act of genocide in the twentieth century."

“…… we were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs. One day in June, we cordoned a village and were ordered to kill the Kafirs in that area. We found all the village women reciting from the Holy Quran, and the men holding special congregational prayers seeking God’s mercy. But they were unlucky. Our commanding officer ordered us not to waste any time.”

"In what became province-wide acts of genocide, Hindus were sought out and killed on the spot. As a matter of course, soldiers would check males for the obligated circumcision among Moslems. If circumcised, they might live; if not, sure death."

" Susan Brownmiller likened the 1971 events in Bangladesh to the Japanese rapes in Nanjing and German rapes in Russia during World War II. "... 200,000, 300,000 or possibly 400,000 women (three sets of statistics have been variously quoted) were raped."

"The number of dead in Bangladesh in 1971 was almost certainly well into seven figures. It was one of the worst genocides of the World War II era, outstripping Rwanda (800,000 killed) and probably surpassing even Indonesia (1 million to 1.5 million killed in 1965-66)."

All this in the name of Islam of course. The Jamaat-i-Islami, the largest Islamist party in the subcontinent, provided the ideological foundations for this genocide, saying that while Kafir Hindus obviously deserved to be killed, even the Bengali muslims who had been "contaminated with Hindu ideas" should be killed as per Islamic law.

And make no mistake, the Jamaat-i-Islami is not contrite about what they did, nor have they changed their views on Hindus. Recently, one of their senior ideologues said in an interview that once India is conquered and put under Islamic rule, all Hindus will be enslaved and each Pakistani muslim will get Hindu slaves, as per Islamic law on enslavement of defeated Kafirs. Recall that Islamic law on defeated Kafirs is that (a) all men over puberty are to be beheaded, following Muhammad's example in numerous such campaigns and (b) all women and children are to be enslaved and distributed among muslims, again following Muhammad's example. The women become sexual slaves of their muslim masters, and Muhammad himself kept such sexual slaves.

Islam is dangerous. Very very dangerous. Ask the victims of Bangladesh.

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