"How many hindus have you killed?"

The atrocities of muslim rulers in India, starting from Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712AD, right up to the end of the mughal rule as a result of hindu reconquest of India by marathas, is now coming out. The muslim rulers themselves recorded, with glee, how they had murdered hundreds of thousands of "kafirs" and "polytheist hindus" and "cleansed the land of impure religion and replaced it with Islam."

The question some ask is - OK, agreed that muslim rulers murdered so many. But that type of thinking died with the middle ages, right? Such things won't happen anymore, right? We are being paranoid if we think it can, right? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

As recently as 1971, the same large scale genocidal anti-hindu murder resurfaced. It is estimated that 3 million people were killed in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in the year prior to Bangladeshi liberation. Of these, it is estimated that 2 million were members of Bangladesh's hindu minority. That minority was targetted specifically since the WEst Pakistani leadership thought the hindu minority was causing all the separatist sentiment. [These experiences caused Abul Kasem to leave Islam. He now writes prolifically for Islam-watch.com. You can read his interview here
where he talks about the murder of hindus in 1971.)

One can read the Hamoodur Rahman report which investigated the genocide. There were open orders from the Pak military high command to "kill all hindus." Simple! Just kill them. The commanders asked their subordinates "How many hindus have you killed?" Here is the report:

All this was only 37 years ago, not in the middle ages. Indeed, this murderous ideology of Jihad upon kafirs lies just an inch below the surface at all times. What is happening in Darfur is another example. This has always been the way Islam spread and established itself - through large scale genocide of native cultures, large scale sexual enslavement of women (as happened in 1971, and is happening again in Darfur), and a lack of all humanity shown to kafirs.

Let us be aware of the facts.

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