Is this about Kashmir?

As I have repeatedly stated, the purpose of my blog is to get to the root of Islamic hatred towards hindus, which has driven all the genocide of hindus during Islamic rule, and continues to drive Jihadi terrorism against hindus today.

The root cause is Islam, which categorically and emphatically states that polytheists must be eradicated: their men murdered, their women and children enslaved. The women are then sexual property of their muslim masters. So why does it surprise anyone that this is EXACTLY what was done to hindus during Islamic rule, and during the genocide in East Pakistan in 1971? This is EXACTLY what the Kuran and Hadith say must be done to hindus, and these orders were carried out.

I feel strongly that hindus must learn what is written in the Kuran and Hadith in order to understand the mindset of the Jihadis. The Kuran does NOT say that "fight hindus till Kashmir is handed to you." It says "kill idolators and polytheists whereever you find them, till they are eradicated." This is very very important. Jihad upon hindus is not allowed to end with the solution of Kashmir or any other problem. Those are mere milestones in the eventual eradication of hindus. Pretending otherwise is suicidal, as far as hindus are concerned.

And as proof positive, we have the Jihadi groups THEMSELVES telling us that they intend to conquer all of India and make it an Islamic land. These words are not coming from any hindu organization, but from the Jihadis themselves. When they themselves are shouting from rooftops about what they want, why does our press and our politicans deliberately refuse to listen/report. Is it because this truth is very inconvenient?

Anyway, Lashkar-e-Toiba, which carried out the Mumbai attacks, has a pamphlet called "Why we are waging Jihad." It says that Kashmir is only the beginning - their goal is to make all of India into an Islamic state. They consider this the unfinished business of Islamic rule in India.

One can read about the various ideologies of these south asian jihadi groups in a research paper written by Hussain Haqqani (ambassador of Pakistan to US) here:
(go to page 24 for "why we are waging Jihad").

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