Lashkar-e-Toiba blogsite

Here is a blogsite that Lashkar-e-Toiba, or some people affiliated with it, use:

Notice a few things:

1. The arabic verse on the LeT flag is verse 8:39 of the Kuran, which says "and fight them (the unbelievers) till all disbelief has ended, and religion is of Allah alone." Through the centuries, this verse has been understood by all Islamic clerics, and all 4 schools of orthodox Sunni Islamic law as saying simply what you would expect it to say - that muslims are to continuously wage war upon non-muslims till all religions except Islam have ended, and the entire world is a large Islamic state.

2. If you click on the links on the right hand side of the page, entitled "understanding Jihad", and listen to the tapes, you will find that there is no real talk of Kashmir or any other such temporary dispute. The talk is entirely Kuranic. The speaker justifies Jihad (holy war) and Qital (slaughter) entirely on the basis of Kuranic verses. In other words, this is not about anything other than Islam. Pure Islam. Pure Islam, which decrees that muslims must wage Jihad upon Kafirs till the latter are annhilated or converted to Islam.

None of this is hard to understand. It is clear as daylight from the Kuran and Hadith. Yet, vested interests, and ignorant people, deliberately obfuscate plain reality.

But the Jihadists themselves are far more clear about why they are waging Jihad. The Lashkar-e-Toiba even has a pamphlet called "Why we are waging Jihad?" which explains why they want to kill Hindus. It is simply because we are Hindus! No other reason. They want to finish the unfinished business of Islamic rule in India. They want to finish off Hindu Dharma once and for all, and make India part of the global Islamic state which they are convinced Allah wants and will eventually deliver to muslims.

Can we really blame these people for following their religion? I am a very religious Hindu. I follow my religion. I don't eat meat, I venerate all life, I try to see the divine in every living thing, I try to do my dharma, and leave its results in the hands of the almighty as per the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. I also follow many Hindu rituals. It is just that my religion does not teach me to go and kill non-Hindus. It teaches not to kill anyone, not even plants, if it can be avoided. It also says that the truth is attainable in infinitely many ways - and one should find the path that best suits your personality. It encourages plurality of spiritual thought.

Islam on the other hand - when followed faithfully - is an extremely violent and intolerant faith. It says there is only one path (Islam), and all deviation from this path should essentially meet with the death sentence.

All religions are not equal - they don't all teach the same thing. Islam is a predatory religion. It wants to end all other religions and establish a global Islamic state. THAT, to me, is the real issue.

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