Minor comment: Gandhiji's pacifism

Michael Savage hosts a talk radio show called "The Savage nation" on AM 910 in the USA (I listened to a few shows when I visited). It apparently has a larger listernership than any single program (on TV or radio). Here is what he said about Mumbai:
I don't necessarily agree with everything Savage says (nor how he says it), and I respect Gandhiji immensely, but definitely worth listening to, if for no other reason than to get a viewpoint that is opposite to the political correctness laden stuff our own journalists keep spewing out. Go to minute 4:00 for the discussion on the Mumbai attacks:

What did Pakistan achieve? It drove hindus out (finally, after 1300 years of resistance) from 2 land masses, one of which is arguably their holiest land. It gave radical Islam a place it could do its planning without hindrance. It gave us a headache for all times. And it did nothing to solve the hindu-muslim problems in India. History will record that the only lasting effect of partition was finally driving out the hated kafir hindus from lands they had inhabited for thousands of years (namely, Pak and Bangla).

Of course, Gandhiji's pacifism has been discussed in great depth elsewhere, and this does not purport to be an addition to the debate. Just something I found interesting, thought I would share with readers.

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