Something every hindu MUST know

Islam rests on 2 documents - the Kuran, which is believed to tbe the word of God, as dictated to Mohammed; and the Hadith, which are records of what Mohammed did and said in various circumstances. A true muslim must follow both to the word.

Now based on these 2 sources, there are 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence (ie schools of Islamic law, also called Fiqh in arabic) - the Shafi, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Maliki. All sunni muslims belong to one of these. Most Indian muslims are Hanafi. The difference in the schools is not very much - on most important matters, they agree.

So, what do these 4 schools of Islamic law say about hindus? Guess. 3 of the 4 (all except Hanafi), say Hindus must be killed if they refuse to convert to Islam. As simple as that! This is because in both the Kuran and the Hadith, there is absolutely no right to life given to polytheists. The Kuran says even Allah hates the polytheists, and is going to use them as fuel for the fires of hell! And muslims are ordered to kill these "dirty" polytheists on earth. All 4 schools of Islam regard hindus are polytheists, which means all these decrees hold when it comes to hindus.

The Hanafi school allows hindus to live, but only as degraded third class citizens. They are "to open their mouth wide open if a muslim wishes to spit into it", and so on. In other words, 3 of the 4 schools say "kill hindus" and the 4th says "treat them worse than animals."

This is Islamic "tolerance." And I think it is very very important for hindus to know what Islamic law says about them. Because when hindus are hopelessly outnumbered (like they were in 1971 in East Pakistan), it is the maulvis who dictate, using Islamic law, what is to be their fate. And that is why in 1971, they were butchered - because that is what Islamic law says should be done to hindus! It is that simple, folks. Islamic law prescribes death for hindus.

I know one thing - if someone wants to kill me, I would rather know that fact, rather than remain ignorant of it. One purpose of my blog is to explain to hindus what is written in the Kuran, Hadith, and the 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence, so that they know the realities better.

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