The absurdity of Pakistan, and why it is not amusing

Here is an interview with the former ISI chief Hamid Gul, given to Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria, where he says that 9/11 was an "inside job", and America essentially staged an event in order to get a pretext to gain control over the muslim world.

Now, why is this significant? Why can't we simply dismiss this sort of thing as the rantings of a deluded person? Why should we care when Pakistanis say things like this, which they do all the time? Why should be be bothered when their leading "defence analyst" (Zaid Hamid) says the day after the Mumbai attacks that "India tried to pull off a 9/11 like event, for the same reasons that America staged 9/11, but being very stupid they could not stage it as well as the Americans."

A couple of reasons. First of all, Hamid Gul (or Zaid Hamid) is not just any Pakistani. Gul was, at some point, one of the most powerful and important men in Pakistan, and continues to be very influential. When a man in his position makes such ridiculous statements, it really points to something very deeply flawed in a country. Responsible (or even sane) people do not make such statements. When a man who had the entire apparatus of the ISI under his control harbors such thoughts, it is very dangerous for everyone. What were his orders to the ISI during the time he was in charge? He is a self-confessed Islamist. He feels Islam should be the basis of the world order:

"I am an Islamist. Islam is the final destiny of mankind. Islam is moderate, Islam is progressive. Islam is everything that man needs. It is not necessary to become a Muslim but it is necessary to adopt the principles of Islam."
- Hamid Gul, in an interview to Rediff

Now what does Islam say about Kafir neighbors like Hindus in India? It says "attack them ceaselessly, kill them." What does the ISI do on a daily basis? It obeys Kuranic orders to the word in this regard.

Gul also employs classical Islamic deception (Taquiya) by saying that Islam is "moderate and progressive". Does he really believe this? Of course not; after all, Gul was almost always the Pakistani government's man at the jirgas (meetings) of the Taliban. So he knows that Islam is anything but moderate and progressive. Such deception is a central part of the Islamic doctrine of Jihad. The Kafirs must never be able to fully understand the Islamic mind, until it is too late and the Islamic sword is right at their neck (just where the Islamists want it).

Let's talk about 9/11. It is known that a majority of the Islamic world believes that 9/11 was some kind of inside job, or done by the Jews, or some such. The rest feel that the perpetrators were heroes. When a civilization of 1.2 billion thinks this way, it is a serious threat to the rest of mankind. Pakistan is one extreme manifestation of this threat. It is almost certainly the greatest source of terror and instability in the world today. It seems to be a country that has slid en masse into a kind of thinking that would be very amusing had it not been so very dangerous. Pakistan is not a toothless entity. It is a nuclear power with a powerful military. Leaders in such states should exhibit a great deal more intelligence, wisdom, and restraint than we associate with Pakistani leaders.

Pakistan's national intelligence seems to be seriously underdeveloped. Pakistan has adopted the highly convenient Islamic "Us Muslims versus all the Kafirs" thinking at its highest echelons, and that is seriously disturbing. How much longer before such Islamist thinking results in a nuclear bomb going off in some Kafir territory? After all, as per Islam, the lands of the Kafirs are called "Dar-ul-Harb" (land of war), meaning that Islam makes it an obligation upon muslims to continually wage war upon Kafirs with every means at their disposal. How long before some Islamist general takes the "every means at their disposal" clause in the Kuran to include Nuclear weapons? Hamid Gul certainly does. In another video that I will post soon, he threatens to blow up Bangalore - India's silicon valley - into a nuclear cloud. This is the kind of thinking at the very top of the Pakistani establishment.

The world must stop Pakistan before it is too late.

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