Amar Singh and Hira Lal

I just laughed so loudly my stomach aches.

Watched a video of a "respectable" Pakistani TV "analysis" program where Pakistan's leading "defense analyst" said that Amir Ajmal Qasab (the lone terrorist captured in Mumbai, the terrorist to the left in the picture) is a Sikh called Amar Singh who is a well known "BJP terrorist", and his accomplice (the one on the right) who died is named Hira Lal. Apparently, this was conveyed to the Pakistani analyst from his "inside sources" in Indian intelligence.

This sort of absolute absurdity is coming from the top echelons of Pakistani society. This is seriously wierd (and sometimes seriously funny - depends on what type of mood one is in). Perhaps even funnier than the comments was the way the host of the show was looking at the analyst as if he were staring at the face of Albert Einstein.

The other possibility that comes to mind is that some of our own guys are sending this idiot email with such information, and getting a perverse kick out of him believing it.

The last time I was tickled so well was when some one suggested that Al Gore was the mastermind behind 9/11. Motive? He wanted to get even with Bush, of course.

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