In honour of 12 Nepalese Hindu brothers

This post is in honour of the 12 Nepalese of Hindu Dharma who were beheaded by Islamic fiends in Iraq in September 2004. They had gone to Iraq with dreams of earning some money so that they could then return to Nepal and have a better life. The same as Kim Sun - the Korean translator who was beheaded despite his aged parents begging his abductors to release their son. He had gone there to earn some money as an Arabic translator, in order to pay for his post-graduate education. I remember I cried when I heard that he had been beheaded. I cried for his parents. Parents don't have any religion - all parents love the same. To make a parent cry in their old age is to make humanity cry.

We must never forget that this is the fate Islam has in mind for all those who refuse to enter its pale. In Islam, the only guarantee to life is if you submit to Islam. Remember Kuran 8:39 - "fight them till all resistance has ended, and religion if for Allah alone."

I had thought about linking the video of the beheading to this post because I want people to know just what kind of ideology we are up against. We are not fighting a civilized foe. We are fighting a foe who revels in their brutality, who profanes every single thing civilization is about, and who is absolutely fanatically wedded to our destruction. Of course, Hindus have known this since 712AD, but somehow we still tend to need reminding from time to time.

In the end, I decided against linking to the video because I think it is more important that we remain true to Hindu Dharma. We cannot drop to the level of these barbarians. We must fight them, but in a manner that is consistent with our Dharma.

Here is what the group that beheaded our Hindu brothers said:

“We have carried out the sentence of God against 12 Nepalese who came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians … believing in Buddha as their God”

This is entirely in accordance with Islamic teachings. In particular, Kuran 9:5 orders Muslims to "slay idolators where ever ye find them.." and to "smite their necks." This is what was done to our Nepalese brothers.

Though I did not link to the video, you can find it on the internet by googling "Nepalese beheading video." Before you do so, please be warned that the video is extremely disturbing.

But so is Islam.

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