Legacy of Muslim rule in India, by K. S. Lal

I regard Shri K. S. Lal as a truly great historian. At a time when the central and state governments in India actively prohibited any discussion of the atrocities perpetrated upon Hindus during the period of Islamic rule, a few brave intellectuals like Shri K. S. Lal, Shri Sita Ram Goel, and Shri Ram Swarup created works of great scholarship.It is only today when one is permitted to speak somewhat more freely about the horrors of Islamic rule that the works of these giants are beginning to get more attention. Ironically, it is historians outside India who are noticing the scholarship of their work, and the quality of their analysis.

Much of their work is available online, courtesy Bharatvani (aka Voice of India) - a publishing house that Shri Sita Ram Goel set up and single handedly manned for years.

Here is a chapter from The Legacy of Muslim rule in India, by Shri K. S. Lal:


It is best viewed on Internet Explorer. Firefox seems to show the quotation marks as question marks.

I also request readers to consider supporting Bharatvani by purchasing hard copies of the fine books they have put up on line. They are most reasonably priced, and I acquired some for my friends as well.

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