We have crossed 15000 hits

When I started this blog, it was mostly for cathartic effect. I had been studying Islam for a few years, and had been very disturbed by what Islam, as an ideology, promoted. After the Mumbai attacks, a lot of us were very upset. I was sitting with 3 friends at a tea shop in Bangalore when they suggested I write a blog. It wasn't a big deal at all - just a passing comment.

The blog now has over 15,000 hits. 15,000 more than I expected.

I thought I should drop all the readers a humble Thank You note. This is YOUR blog. I merely write for it. It is the readers who own a blog.

A sampler of what is coming up - I am working on excerpts from chronicles of Muslim historians describing the destruction of Hindu Dharma during the Islamic invasions. A few more insights into the Islamic doctrine of Jihad should be up soon as well.

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