Why this blog?

(A picture of Angkor Wat - the great Hindu temple complex in Cambodia. There were many such great temple complexes in North India - all were destroyed by Islam, and this fact gleefully recorded by Islamic historians. Hindu temples have been a target for Islam since 712AD, and continue to be so with Jihadi attacks on temple complexes such as Akshardham in 2005. The first destructions of temples by Islam began with Muhammad when he destroyed the idols of over 300 Meccan deities in the Kaaba, and claimed the site for Islam alone. Around the same time, he "revealed" Sura 9:5 of the Kuran:
"slay the idolators where ever ye find them..")

We live in troubled times. Globally, a violent ideology of Jihad, firmly rooted in the central tenets of Islamic theology, and carried out throughout Islam's history, is inflicting violence upon non-muslims. Whether such attacks happen in New York, Beslan, London, Mumbai or elsewhere, the underlying ideology is the same. It is called "Jihad fi sabilallah" - Total War on infidels, in the name of Allah.

Some nations have recognized where this ideology comes from, and they call a spade a spade. Other countries, such as India, refuse to recognize this threat, mostly for reasons of political gains by certain political parties. They deliberately obfuscate the plain facts by making ridiculous statements like "terrorists have no religion" etc. Unfortunately, they do. That religion is Islam, and in particular a radical, orthodox version of it.

There are truly decent and peace loving muslims, many of whom I am privileged to know. This blog has nothing but love and sympathy for them. But orthodox Islam as an ideology is not peace loving and does not permit peaceful co-existence with other religions. Orthodox Islam seeks to extinguish all other religious beliefs and replace them with Islam. And as long as even a small minority of muslims take their religion's core ideology seriously, there will be jihad upon non-muslims, because Jihad upon non-muslims is a pillar of Islam, and what allowed Islam to spread so rapidly in the first place. This is a problem not only for non-muslims, but also for muslims who are continually ashamed by the violent actions of their co-religionists.

The purpose of this blog is to do some straight talking. The people who attack us have been taught to hate us for no reason other than that we are Hindus. In their thinking, based upon the Kuran and Hadith, Hindus are the worst type of unbelievers (infidels), offenders against Allah, whom Allah himself hates so much that he will use them as fuel for the fires of Hell. These Hindus are hated idolators and polytheists about whom the Kuran and Hadith are very clear: their men must be murdered, their women and children enslaved, and their temples destroyed.

This is not just my opinion, but that of all the 4 schools of sunni Islam - the Shafi, Hanafi, Hanbali, and Maliki. 3 of these 4 schools say that the choice to be put before Hindus is simply "convert to Islam or die." Only one - Hanafi - allows Hindus the right to live, but as third class citizens. I say "third class" with good reason - the second class citizens would be the 2 "people of the book" - Christians and Jews. But at least we would be allowed to live, for the time being. The idea is to make life so difficult that with time no hindu would chose to remain Hindu, and all would convert. And this is the most liberal of the 4 schools of sunni Islam! Let me repeat that the other 3 schools emphatically state that Hindus have no right to live.

These are plain facts. Obfuscating them, or wishing them away, won't solve the problem. We Hindus must be aware of these facts. Truth must always be told, not hidden.

We stress that we have nothing against muslims. We only wish to understand the current Jihad upon Hindus in particular, and all non-muslims in general, in light of (a) the theology of Islam and (b) the history of Islam in the Indian subcontinent, which closely follows the theology of Islam. Through the centuries of Islamic rule, millions of Hindus were murdered, millions of Hindu women were enslaved, and all this is in accordance with the Kuran and Hadith. Once again, this is not my opinion, but that of all 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence. Even today, Pakistan's Islamic party - the Jamaat-i-Islami says that if India is conquered, all Hindus will be enslaved, and all Pakistanis will get Hindu slaves. This same party provided the religious justification of the genocide of 2 million Hindus in the 1971 war of Bangladeshi liberation based on orthodox Islamic teachings. It is the largest Islamist party of the subcontinent, and when it holds views that justify large scale genocide and enslavement of Hindus, and are fully rooted in Islamic theology, then we Hindus have reason to be very worried.

The other reason that I decided to write this blog is that even 1300 years after the first encounter of Hindus with Jihad, and losing 50-80 million Hindus to this murderous ideology, by and large Hindus have not equated the actions of Islam with Islamic ideology. Instead, we still "examine the effects" rather than the causes. Hindus still wonder why muslims in large groups tend to be so intolerant, violent, and predatory towards other faiths. Well, my dear Hindus, it is because those are the central teachings of Islam! As per Islam, Jihad is "Fard Kifayya", which means a communal obligation. Every society of muslims is obliged to wage continuous war (Jihad) upon its neighbouring Kafir lands in order to "subdue them" and bring them under the fold of Islam. When viewed this way, Pakistan's obsessive hatred and violence upon India is not unnatural, it is purely religious.

So then what is the way out? Firstly, Hindus must be at least somewhat aware of what Islamic scriptures say about them and other Kafirs. Let us begin there. Let us understand Islamist ideology, especially when they themselves tell us in no uncertain terms why they hate us. Let us not be fooled into thinking this is about Kashmir or about anything other than our Hindu Dharma. As long as we are Hindus, Islam will wage Jihad upon us using every means at its disposal. Kashmir is the current excuse. Tomorrow, it will be Junagad and Hyderabad (the Islamists have already told us this). The day after, all of Bharat. Islamist violence upon Hindus and India will not cease till we have all been converted to Islam. That's just what is written in the Kuran and Hadith - I didn't make that up. Read these documents.

Here is a very sad fact - Islam does not accord Hindus and Hindu Dharma the right to exist. Please read that again - Islam does not give us the right to live as Hindus. The next time you speak to a "moderate muslim", ask him this question - "Does your religion allow me - an idol worshipping Hindu - the right to live?" If he says "Yes", point out to him that 3 of the 4 schools of Sunni Islam disagree. They say categorically that Hindus must be put to death if they refuse to convert to Islam since Allah wants to extinguish all idol worship from this earth, and muslims have the express orders from him to carry out this death sentence.

This ideology of extermination of idolators and their religions is at the very core of Islam. Islam defines itself in these terms. We Hindus ignore this at our own peril. The purpose of this blog is simply to educate Hindus about the plain facts, not to create hatred.

I end with the words of Alain Danielou, from his Histoire de la Inde :

"From the time Muslims started arriving, around 632 AD, the history of India becomes a long, monotonous series of murders, massacres, spoilations, destructions. It is, as usual, in the name of 'a holy war' of their faith, of their sole God, that the barbarians have destroyed civilisations, wiped out entire races."

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