Boys also victims of acid attacks in Islam

It seems it is not only women who are victims of acid attacks in Islam. Boys who refuse the sexual advances of Islamic clerics in mosques may also be attacked similarly. I came across this story from 2004, in the UK Telegraph.

Headline: Acid attack on boy who 'refused sex with Muslim cleric'

Mosques are the delivery points of hatred in Islam. The Friday weekly dose of hatred for Kafirs comes from mosques. Hindus living near mosques in India will testify that they cower in fear when the crowd comes out of the mosque after receiving their Friday hate sermon.

Please google "undercover mosque" for a video of what is taught in the largest mosque in the UK (and elsewhere). I also have a post on that program.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why the heck are we all so silent about Islam? Why aren't more people speaking up? I want all my readers to think about this. What is the right thing to do today? To keep silent about all this? About the Taliban and Saudi Arabia? About Pakistan's terror factories and acid attacks? About Somalia's Shabab terrorists? About Sudan's Islamic militias and their mass rapes?

Or to speak up? PLEASE SPEAK UP!

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