Islamic turbulence hits Britain

This post is aimed mostly at my Indian readers who may not be aware of the latest goings on in Britain where the increasingly aggressive Islamist community is acting with scant regard for the sentiments of the local populace. This community is almost entirely comprised of Pakistani Muslims. As per orthodox Islamic teachings, these people have no sense of love or belonging towards the land which nurtured them, and instead hate Britain as a "dar-ul-Harb" (land of war, which must be conquered for Islam by Jihad). I ask my readers to click on all the hyperlinks, since they will cover a fair bit of reporting on this growing menace.

A couple of days ago, a returning regiment of British troops from Iraq was greeted with abuse at their homecoming parade. The person leading this abuse was Pakistani cleric Anjem Chaudhury, who, after having bedded innumerable British lasses, is now a full fledged Islamic fundamentalist who wants to put his former sexual conquests under Burkhas (I guess he has had his full). This happens to all Pakistani playboys - they suddenly become all holy once they have had enough "uncovered meat" as Islamic clerics describe western women. Another notable Islamic hypocrite was Imran Khan, who, after having lived the life of a playboy in the West for years, suddenly started talking of how the Islamic way of life was superior to the "decadent West."

Anyway, Anjem "Andy" Chaudhary says (entirely in accordance with Islam again), that killing Kafirs, even civilians, is Halal (Islamic). He says, again in accordance with the Kuran and Hadith, that there is no such thing as an "innocent Kafir" because all Kafirs have committed the gravest sin by rejecting Islam, and are therefore anything but innocent. The only innocent people are Muslims. Here is an interview:

There are a few British blogs dedicated to the resistance to the increasing Islamic aggression in Britain. I quote from one of them:

I have lived in and around Luton my whole life so know exactly how bad the situation is on the ground with the Muslim community. The majority of the Muslims in Luton are second and third generation British born Pakistani's, exactly the same as three of the 7/7 suicidal maniacs. The Pakistani Muslims control the supply of hard drugs - heroin & crack cocaine. This is a highly lucrative business for them and also fits Al Qaeda's agenda of destroying Britain. Al Qaeda have outlined for the Muslims in Britain to use street drugs against us under the title 'chemical warfare'.

In Luton the Pakistani Muslims are working to Al Qaeda's strategy and it is destroying lives, destroying the community and making them vast amounts of money in the process. They have controlled the supply of Heroin for many years and in the process have created an army of Pakistani Muslim youths connected to the trade who are highly organised, heavily armed and extremely wealthy. The non-Muslim community lives with the knowledge of this army of Muslim criminal/terrorists surrounding them and leaves them living under their dominance through fear and intimidation. The non-Muslim community can say nothing and do nothing against the Pakistani Muslim community because of fear of the consequences. If you have trouble with one, then you potentially have trouble with a very large number. The different age groups are built up into different gangs who are all connected and who control the drugs trade, along with all other associated high profit crime, like prostitution and fraud. The criminal element of the Pakistani Muslim community conduct themselves as a paramilitary organisation which leaves the rest of the community having to live as 'Dhimmis' through fear.

I think any Hindu living in an area where Islam is in a majority or significant minority will echo similar sentiments. I lived in one such locality for years. Every time India lost to Pakistan in a cricket game, I would hear crackers and cheering. Go to old Delhi and verify this for yourself. Or go to the old city of Hyderabad. See for yourself. Again, this is exactly as per Islamic teachings - Islam clearly says that a brother who may not be a Muslim is your enemy, but every Muslim is your brother. Islam respects no bond other than that of the Muslim Ummah. When a Hindu points this out, he is quickly branded "communal", but this is actually taught in the curriculum at Dar-ul-Uloom at Deoband. No one dares question this sedition. Incidentally, the Taliban follow Deobandi Islam.

Back to the situation in Britain. For years, the Hindu community there has felt insecure due to the aggression of muslims. Read this article for a report on some earlier tensions. Read this article for aggressive conversions forced upon Hindu and Sikh girls in Britain.

Look, let me be very clear. Islam's core teachings simply do NOT allow its orthodox adherents to live peacefully with Kafirs. Hatred for Kafirs, and planned violence against them is core to Islam, and the life and teachings of Muhammad. It is Muhammad's core message. So I am never surprised when these events start unfolding whenever Islam reaches a certain critical mass. It has done that in England. The Tube attacks on 7/7 were just the beginning - and I am not saying this, all the Islamists of Britain are. Don't believe me, but do believe them.

To my British readers - we Hindus face the same problems. Let us join hands, let us build bridges, let us fight this menace together. When the Jihadis attacked Mumbai, they killed many Indians, but also wanted British and American hostages. And they wanted Israelis dead. We are in this war together - we didn't chose to be, Islam chose it for us. Because we are fellow Kafirs whom Islam has slated for extermination.

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