Maps given to the Pakistan Army

Here are some maps given to the Pakistani army to (a) set their goals and (b) raise their morale. Such maps were confiscated from two captured Jihadis in Jammu (for more details, read this report).

The big picture is this - let us be very very clear about one thing. Islam's agenda, ever since Muhammad promised paradise to the first Jihadis who conquer Al-Hind (India), from Mohammaed Bin Qasim's invasion in 712AD, through Muhammad Ghazni's raids in 1000AD, through Muhammad Ghori's invasion in 1192AD, through the period of Islamic expansion, and right through the Kargil war of 1999, has remained unchanged. This agenda is stated by them repeatedly, but we refuse to hear. It is simple - destroy Hindu Dharma, and convert Al-Hind (the landmass where Hindu Dharma thrives) to Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam).

But we Hindus refuse to understand this. Pakistan is merely the manifestation of this Jihadi front today. It is a continuation of a 1300 year old Jihad launched upon us by Islam. And we must fight it as such.

In particular, this is NOT about Kashmir or any such temporary issue. If we gave away Kashmir, the next "milestone" in the Islamization of Hind would be Junagadh and Hyderabad. The Lashkar-e-Toiba pamphlet "Why we are waging Jihad" tell us this clearly. They tell us that this is not about Kashmir, but about all of India. All of India is land that they want to make into Dar-ul-Islam. Hindu Dharma must simply be exterminated. I am not saying this - they are. And they have said this from the time of Muhammad to Hafiz Saeed (head of Lashkar). Their story has not changed. It is we who are foolish to ignore their repeated statements of purpose.

How do we counter this 1300 year old Jihad? By being clear about what it is. It is not a temporary conflict, and it is not about Kashmir. This is a Jihad that seeks to end Hindu Dharma. This is existential. And it is serious. Kashmir has been cleansed. Assam and Bengal are going that way rapidly. The Islamic pincer is moving at a steady pace. There is an ISI plan called "Mughalstan" which seeks to create an Islamic corridor from Bengal to Kashmir through muslim majority areas in UP. Once again, they have told us this themselves.

So let us first see the situation for what it is. Next, let us realize that Pakistan will not allow us to live peacefully. Any kind of pacifist appeasement of it (such as Mr. I. K. Gujral did) will only make them stronger. We must take the fight to Pakistan.

That's it. How we do that is a military/intelligence issue, and I am not qualified to comment upon it. But seeing the problem for what it is - as a 1300 year old civilizational attack on Hindu Dharma, rather than a "Kashmir issue" - is what we need to do.

We also need to bring nationalist parties to power at the center and in the states. Not the traitorous communists, not the congress which is always in bed with traitors and has been hijacked by the leftists, but parties which love our country. Parties who would not compromise our nation's security and integrity. Parties to whom the soil of mother India is sacred, not to be bartered away for political gains.

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