A time to fight

In the Mahabharata, the Kauravas use treachery to cheat the Pandavas of their rightful inheritance, and send them away to the forest for many years. Upon their return, the Pandavas ask for their kingdom, and the Kauravas refuse. Then Lord Krishna himself carries a reduced demand to the Kauravas - that instead of the entire kingdom which should go to the Pandavas, they give only 5 villages so the Pandavas can raise their families there. Only 5 villages in lieu of an entire kingdom. But the Kauravas refuse even this, saying that "we won't even give you the land required to place a single needle."

It is only then that Lord Krishna says "every attempt at appeasement has failed. Now we have no option but to go to war." Thus starts the 18 day war called the Mahabharata.

There is a lesson for us here. Hindus have appeased Pakistan for decades now. But Pakistan has only become more aggressive. It is a nation united only by hatred for Hindus. A recent survey of their school textbooks said that children are asked to nurture a hatred for Hindus, and a love for Jihad. Every serviceman in Pakistan, as part of his oath, says that he will work towards breaking up India. The ISI-Army complex in Pakistan, which runs the country, is wedded to our destruction. Pakistani sponsored terrorism, which is nothing less than their way of waging war upon us, has claimed 65,000 Indian lives in the past 30 years.

And yet we are in some kind of delusion about the possibility of peaceful co-existence with Pakistan. You cannot dream peace with people who are taking oaths to kill you and break up your country.

There is a time for peace. We all crave peace. Lord Krishna also craved peace. That is why he reduced the just demands of the Pandavas to a mere 5 villages. But when even that was rejected, he said that we must now be prepared to fight for what is right.

The time has come to now fight Pakistan. Not conventionally, but rather using the same techniques they have used against us for the past 35 years. If they can openly say that they wish to "bleed India with a thousand cuts", then we, with a far larger economy, can surely cause 10,000 cuts. And so let us do it. Not because we want to, but because nothing else will stop this country which is hell bent upon our destruction.

Now Manmohan Singh is far too weak to do this. The first thing we need is to elect a government that is capable of stating things as they are. We keep saying, year after year, explosion after explosion, death after Indian death, that "there is Dawood and ISI hand in this." So cut those hands off! Everyone knows where Dawood lives. Would the Mossad have let this murderer live? You can bet your last Rupee that a cleverly placed bomb would have ripped him apart by now - long before he could kill hundreds of Indians.

Let us act with conviction. It is not us who are sending terrorists into Pakistan. It is not us who are causing almost weekly explosions in Pakistan. It is not us who are trying to "Hinduize" Pakistan (we don't even have such a word, thankfully). But for how long can we be victims?

And to the Western powers who are trying to appease the Taliban and have pacts with them, I say that the Taliban is such pure evil that you can never have peace with them. These are people who want to turn the earth into a medieval hell, where women will be no more than animals, and all freedoms will cease to exist. When something is so evil, you don't appease it. You don't sign treaties and pacts with it. Remember, for a few years, many tried to appease the Nazi demon too, till they realized just how evil that ideology was. Then they closed ranks, and destroyed it.

That is what needs to be done to this Islamic monster. Every day that we wait, this threat grows. It comes closer to our (India's) borders. Today the Taliban and its barbaric Islam is a mere 5 hours drive from India. How much longer are we going to "wait and watch." And if India is engulfed in this storm, how much longer before it reaches other shores?

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