United States of Islam

(Thanks to savecivilization for the map.)

This map is published by the World Islamic Mission. A few observations:

1. If you look at the map closely, you will see what the WIM considers the "United States of Islam" as it stands today. This area is enclosed by the black line. It includes India - a country that is 82% Hindu. This is not surprising since Islam view's its conquests as permanent. Since Islam did rule most of India at one time, hence India becomes a land conquered for Islam for all time. This is also reflected in the speeches of Islamists like Hafiz Saeed (leader of the Lashkar-e-Toiba).

2. On the bottom left of the map, there is a map of the United States of Islam that the World Islamic Mission would like to create a 100 years from now. It shows the entire world under Islamic rule.

Now this should be nothing surprising to the readers of this blog. If this blog has one major point to convey, it is would be that nothing that practicing Muslims (sometimes known as Islamists or fundamentalist Muslims) say or do is surprising, because it tends to be a watered down version of what is in the Kuran and Hadith because these are the canons of Islam, and Islamists generally do not deviate from them.

If you look at the map closely, it also says that the Kuran and the Hadith (also spellt Hadees) shall form the basis of the law in this global Islamic state.
So what does the Kuran say about the Islamic state? Every single scholar and school of Islam is in agreement on this - that muslims are to cease Jihadi expansion of the muslim state only when Islam is the only religion in existence. This is repeated in various ways in various places in the Kuran and Hadith, but the best known of these injunctions is Kuran 8:39, which says, and I quote Shakir's canonical translation:

And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do.

We should not be surprised to see such maps showing the entire world as part of a global Caliphate. That is Islam's stated mission - to impose Islam upon the world. How? By means of a uniquely Islamic doctrine, whose name should be known to everyone by now: Jihad fi sabilallah (Jihad in the name of Allah).

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