The world must stop Pakistan - Sri Lankan cricketers attacked by gunmen in Lahore

A few days back, this blog had said that the world must stop Pakistan before it is too late. It may already be too late. Pakistan has been sliding into the depths of Islamic darkness for decades now. Today, the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by gunmen firing shots and lobbing grenades, as the team prepared to play the second test in Lahore, injuring 8 cricketers. This is breaking news, just coming in. I have to step out of my office for some time, but will try to update the blog as more news comes in.


None of the reports of this event have included the two terms that are most relevant and explanatory - Islam and Terror. As usual, we are led to believe that these are just random gunmen. It is deliberately hidden from us that they are Jihadis, carrying out a well developed and practiced ideology of Jihad that is central to Islam, and has always been central to Islam. A great part of Jihad is the creation of terror. Jihad and terror are intertwined. Muhammad himself said that his was the first prophethood that had been made "victorious by terror" and Islamists have always taken that to mean that terror is a crucial tool in the repertoire of Jihad.

The other issue that I would like to draw attention to is the policy of appeasement. Some things are so evil that one cannot but destroy or be destroyed. One cannot make a pact with evil. The Pakistan government recently made a pact with the Taliban allowing the latter to impose Shari'a law in Swat. Just a week later, this has happened. Because Radical Islam does not want peace. It wants world domination. They have told us this in no uncertain terms. Sufi Muhammad - the Taliban leader in Swat - said that he wanted to impose Shari'a on the world, starting with the Indian subcontinent.

We must take these forces of darkness head on, without any ambivalence. These forces are truly evil. Just look at what they did to girl's schools in Swat - they burnt them down. In their barbaric primitive ideology, the place of a woman is only at home, as a slave of men. These people will turn back the clock on 1400 years of civilization.

We must stop the Taliban, and eventually we must stop Islam.

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