The Hindu temples that were destroyed

Robert Spencer - author of several books on Islam - calls it like it is.  Go to 11:26 of this video where he talks about the thousands of Hindu temples destroyed by Islam, and replaced by mosques.  The two books by Sri Sita Ram Goel that he refers to in his lecture are "Hindu temples - What happened to them?", parts I and II. They can be read online here:

Just the "cut and paste"s of the various muslim historians boasting about so-and-so Hindu temple has been destroyed, and converted into a mosque runs into 170 pages! 

The point of this post is this: An honest intellectual (Robert Spencer), speaking in the United States of America, thousands of miles away, says it like it is. But our own Marxist "historians" spend their entire lives fabricating fairy tales about a "golden period of Islamic India", deliberately suppressing the page after page of Islamic evidence of their deeds aimed at the total destruction of Hindu civilization. Just how criminal is that?

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