No mosque at ground zero

This blog expresses its opposition to the construction of a mosque (or "Islamic center", or whatever else they wish to call it) at ground zero. For the following simple reason. The 3000+ Americans who were murdered by the hijackers of the planes that flew into the world trade center were murdered IN THE NAME OF ISLAM. The hijackers were devout muslims, acting in the name of Islam. I believe they even yelled "Allah-o-akbar" as the planes flew into the WTC.

Whatever be the other debates around the topic, there can be no doubt about this fact: the murderers claimed to be doing their evil deeds in the name of Islam.

This should be reason enough to not even consider building any Islamic building there. Doing so would be the greatest insult to those innocent Americans who died there.
We support America in its struggle against Jihad. In return, we ask America to support us in our 1400 year old struggle against the SAME Jihad. Jihad is Jihad - it is the doctrine Mohammed invented in order to subjugate "infidels" and loot their property and rape their women. It is as simple as that. Any attempts to obfuscate this plain fact (by calling it "inner struggle" or whatever else) is simply an insult to our intelligence. There are entire chapters in the Hadith asking muslims to get on their horses with their swords and kill infidels in the name of Jihad.

Building an Islamic center at ground zero is part of that Jihad. This blog calls it for what it is and opposes it.
To our American friends - we are in a war together. The sooner we realize this, the better for both of us.

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