"Allah": Mohammed's Ventriloquist Dummy

When I began studying Islam about 10 years ago, I did so with the honest intent of finding something spiritual there. As a devout Hindu, I believe that no one path can lay exclusive claim to the truth, and that the search for truth is ever ongoing. In that spirit, I wished to read about other religions as well.

What I found was that Islam is not exactly a religion in the way we understand it. It is a political system that was invented by one man - Mohammed. Why did he claim it was a religion (and all that baloney about being in touch with "Allah")? Upon a careful reading of the Kuran and Hadith, it becomes clear that Mohammed was like any other charlatan claiming an exclusive relationship with God. He was neither the first charlatan to claim this, nor the last. In the past few decades itself, we saw many "mini-Mohammeds". There was this guy called David Koresh in Texas (USA) who made similar claims. He too was having sexual relationships with many women, including several very young women. The only difference between him and Mohammed is that he (David Koresh) lived in an age where he could not get away with it. The FBI attacked his compound where he was practising Mohammed-like things, and he was killed. In Mohammed's time, a few desperadoes could impose this new "religion" called Islam upon many unsuspecting arabs, at the threat of death. That is the ONLY difference between these two charlatans.

Anyway, when you view this video, keep in mind one thing. Would God - who has the entire universe to worry about - be bothered to send verse after verse covering for Mohammed's sexual misdeeds? Would God send verses allowing Mohammed to bed any "believing woman who offers herself", and at the same time threaten Mohammed's wives with dire consequences if they indulged in adultery? What kind of "God" is this Allah, anyway? The answer is - Allah is not God. Allah is just the ventriloquist dummy of a charlatan named Mohammed. You see, this charlatan never had any spiritual experiences. He made up this whole act. It is absolutely clear that this is the case when you read the Kuran and Hadith.

The happy ending for Mohammed was that he had a LOT of sex (66 women in total, not bad for a bedouin camel hearder), and a LOT of power. His henchmen murdered men and women who so much as uttered any doubt about Mohammed's "prophethood."

Anyway, enjoy the video.

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