Are muslims "Indians first" or "muslims first"?

Those who have no understanding of Islam keep asserting that muslims and Hindus both can and should be Indians first. Indeed, most Hindus would not disagree with being Indians first. But what about muslims? Islam does not permit allegiance to any state besides an Islamic state. Indeed, it makes it the duty of all muslims to try and convert their existing state into an Islamic state, by means of war or any other means at their disposal. Islam permits allegiance only to the muslim "ummah", nothing else.

I found a very clear statement to this effect in the readers comments section of the following news:

I reproduce below the muslim reader's comment. 

Londoner (London)
5 hrs ago (03:44 AM)
I see many posts asking Muslims whether they are Indians/nationalist first or Muslims. Let me clarify this for everyones sake. Muslims are Muslims first. No matter in which part of world they are putting up. "There is no concept of nationalism in Islam" period. Islam does not believe in dividing people in the name of natons, colors, sects etc. Everyone deserves equal treatment. Black can stand shoulder to shoulder with white to offer prayers in same Masjid. Can eat together on same dasterkhwaan(dining mat). No one is superior/inferior. Thats is the reason why there used to be 1 Khalifa for all 47 Islamic countries prior to WWII. To breakdown the overall strength and unity of Muslims,  imperialists/zionists launched nationalism propaganda as a result of which last Khalifa empire - Ottoman emipre came to an end. But inshallah the time will come soon when we have one nation one Khalifa.
I ask my Hindu readers to stop their idiotic insistence that Islam behave in a "secular manner." India's secularism is a sham upon Hindus only. It is a one way street, with Hindus asked to completely deracinate themselves, deny their Hinduness, while the other side is not only encouraged to assert their Islamic identity, but even pampered when they do so. Wasn't it our Prime Minister who recently said that "Muslims have the first right to India's resources." Can you imagine what a furore it would cause if an Indian PM had said "Hindus have the first right to India's resources." And can you even imagine a muslim PM in a muslim country saying about any minority group that it had the first rights to that country's resources?  Hindus are living in fool's paradise. Muslims (as a community) are living by their Kuran. Sure, there are exceptions, but as a community we should not expect them to suddenly forsake the primary diktats of their religion and say "muslim-kafir bhai bhai."

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