Another young Hindu girl abducted, converted in Pakistan

In the past few months alone, 96 Hindus, mostly young girls, have been abducted in muslim Pakistan, converted, and married to local muslim boys. The latest is a 17 year old girl called Rinkle Kumari. Her story has also been carried by the BBC, which you can read here

But the best coverage is by the blogger Hindu existence. Please read the story (with more pictures) here:

Look at the photograph of poor young Rinkle covered in an Islamic burkha.

If you are ANY human being, and your blood does not boil when you read this, then there is something seriously wrong.

Islam is dangerous. It pretends to be all nice and "beautiful" while they are in a small minority. Once they are in majority, the first thing that happens, always, is that Kafir women start "disappearing".

The time to stop Islam is NOW!! Please do not delay in your own conviction, and your own action. We must all unite and stop Islam.

I ask all my readers: please forward news about this young girl Rinkle to at least one other person. I don't care if you forward my blog link,or the BBC link, or whatever, just do it. That is the least we can do.

To my American readers: these Pakistanis are the same ungrateful people who hid Osama in their backyard, all the while fooling you with canards such as "he has kidney failure, he is probably dead by now" etc. To my British readers: we are in this together. These are the same people who were running a flesh ring with young British girls in Britain! Unless we stop looking the other way, Islam will continue victimizing young "Kafir" women.

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