Let us all honour her memory, and pray for her peace. Always remember: women are Islam's first victims. Islam is a male-dominated cult. As such, it views women (both its own, and those of the kafirs) as not much more than property of men. And when men are raised in such an environment, they cannot countenance their "property" speaking back to them, defying them, asserting itself. When they see this, they react in the manner that Fakhra Yunus experienced.

For an hour or so after I read the story of Fakhra, I was truly numb. Then I thought that the least I can do is post this blog in her memory. Fakhra, you were truly brave. You will not be forgotten. You rose above that society that did this to you, and you became immortal. Your pain and suffering will not be in vain. May you rest in peace in those higher abodes where none of the suffering that you experienced in this life will follow.

As a mark of respect, I am not posting any pictures on this article. Readers of this blog will remember Fakhra as a young, extremely beautiful woman, full of life and spirit.

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