The Hell of Being a Hindu in Dar-ul-Islam

Islam is the only "religion" (read death-cult) that actually has a strict set of laws in its Kuran-Hadith hate-literature that specifies how non-muslims are to be treated once muslims form an Islamic society. In two words "like shit."

A few days back, another batch of helpless Hindus from Pakistan arrived in India. They describe their ordeal. Their daughters are routinely grabbed at gunpoint, converted to Islam, and married to muslim men. Oh, btw, they are only emulating the behaviour of their "prophet", so don't blame them.
Life in Pak not worth it, say Sindh Hindus


Excerpt: Recalling a horrific incident that took place recently, a weeping Lakshmi said: “It was evening time and four Muslim men barged into my friend and neighbour’s house as they wanted to kidnap her 12-year-old daughter. When the girl’s mother and I resisted, they put a gun to our heads and threatened to kill us if we did not let go of the child. Then they did what they had to do. We were helpless.” Read the full article on the Daily Pioneer by clicking on the link or copy-pasting the URL. Please send to all humans---by that I mean anyone that feels the pain of a mother and father who have to see their 12 year old daughter being taken away, into a life of Islamic slavery, by gun-toting muslims (who are only following their prophet's example).

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