Jihadi Outrage in Woolwich

A british soldier was killed and almost beheaded by two muslims in Woolwich (England). The killers were Jihadis (Islam's holy warriors) who then justified their acts by quoting verses from the hate manual (a.k.a Kuran). The Kuran is mostly full of hatred towards non-muslims. It is no surprise that when a person gets a dose of its hatred, the person starts to behave with irrational hatred and violence towards non-muslims. To my British readers: we Hindus are with you in your loss. Every week Hindu soldiers are killed in our own country, either by muslims born here, or those sent by Pakistan across the border. Read for instance about two of our soldiers who were beheaded by Pakistani jihadis on our side of the border. We must fight Islam together. We must call it for what it is: a force of pure hatred and evil.

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