Kulbhushan Jadhav

Many people have asked: Why did Kulbhushan Jadhav have a "fake" passport with a Muslim name if he is not a spy. The answer is not that hard, really. Jadhav has been a businessman for the past many years (over a decade). His business is renting dhows (sort of like boats, to transport material). As such, a major source of his business would possibly be government contracts. He was working in Iran, and it is likely he was trying to obtain government contracts for his business. Iran is a Shia Islamic state. It is very beneficial to have a Shia identity to obtain such contracts. It is possible that some contracts were restricted only to Muslims, and Jadhav might have wanted to be considered even for those. For purely such business reasons, he might have had a Islamic name on an alternative passport.

That is a very different thing than being a spy.

It is very possible that there are several such Indians who ply their businesses in Iran. Pakistan's ISI probably wanted to exploit one of these---it kidnapped Jadhav from Iran, and used his Muslim identity on his business passport to further the case that "if he had a fake passport, he must be a spy." If they have any evidence at all, why has it not been made available to various governments. For example, India provided not one, not two, but seven dossiers on Ajmal Kasab to various world governments before hanging him. And mind you, Kasab was seen by millions on video carrying AK-47s in Mumbai shooting. Still, we went through with full procedure.

Where is the evidence against Jadhav? Not one piece of evidence has been made public.

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