Focus on Pakistani School Textbooks

The hatred against Hindus in Pakistan is inculcated from a tender young age. A Pakistani institution - the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) - conducted a study on this disturbing aspect of their education. The BBC carried a report on the findings of the SDPI, which readers can access here. The study reveals how children are systematically indoctrinated with a totally fabricated version of history, with the primary purpose of instilling in them a visceral hatred of Hindus. Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about History will see the total reversal of facts. Here is the SDPI report in full:

(page 27)
"Four themes emerge most strongly as constituting the bulk of the curricula and textbooks of the three compulsory subjects.
1. that Pakistan is for Muslims alone;
2. that Islamic teachings, including a compulsory reading and memorization of Qur’an,
are to be included in all the subjects, hence to be forcibly taught to all the students, whatever their faith,;
3. that Ideology of Pakistan is to be internalized as faith, and that hate be created against Hindus and India; and
4. students are to be urged to take the path of Jehad and Shahadat."

The irony is that these Pakistanis are themselves descendants of Hindus who were forcibly converted by invader after invader, starting from Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712AD. You can read accounts of his horrific cruelties, in his own words, here. So it transpires that one generation of Kafirs bears the cruelty of Jihad upon them. A few generations later, Islamic cult behavior takes root among their descendants, and they are taught to hate their own heritage, their own forefathers; and to perpetuate this institutionalized cruelty, called Jihad, upon other hapless Kafirs. And the cycle of Islamic expansion and hate continues.

By hating Hindus, Pakistanis are hating their own forefathers, and their own civilization. Pakistan is not an arab country. It is an Indic country, in that its civilization is Indic (or Hindu). Their forefathers were the same Hindus that composed the Ramayana and Mahabharata - the latter being the longest poem in the world, and eight times as long as the Illiad and Odyssey combined. Their forefathers were the same Hindus who led the world in many areas of science and math as late as the 10th century AD. Instead of being justly proud of this glorious heritage, Islam teaches them to hate their own past. Not being a psychologist, I cannot accurately describe how such self-negation affects the average Pakistani, but a casual observer would indeed find it very strange. I happened to watch some Pakistani TV, and saw some advertisements showing Pakistani arab wannabes. So these people, descendants of a Hindu civilization that is 5000 years old, wants to ape a desert culture of bedouins and camels (that is what arabia was till oil was discovered)! I cannot image an irony greater than that.

This is carried to the extreme in Islam. There is a tradition in Islam that even Muhammad's own father went to hell. Why? Because he was not muslim - Islam came after his death, and so he died a Kafir. I have never seen so much self-negation and self-hatred.

Islam's creed seems to be twofold - "hate them before you exterminate them; villify them after you exterminate them." The Hindus are yet in the first category, since we survived the Islamic onslaught (which rankles all Islamists - every single one of them says that the conversion or extermination of Hindus is the unfinished agenda of Islamic rule over India). The arab pagans fall in the latter category. Muhammad's hordes exterminated them. And today, every single muslim is taught that they were evil people who (of course) deserved to be exterminated. But I have read the Hadith, and the times it mentions the arab pre-muslim pagans, the accounts are usually that of a noble people who were unaware of the machinations of Muhammad's hordes. In a way, they were like the Hindus - so used to accomodation in their religious life that they found it hard to comprehend that Muhammad would want to kill them simply because they worshipped "other Gods." Whether they had a profound panentheistic/monist philosophy behind their religious methods, we shall never know. Would the world have seen the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads had Islam succeeded in destroying Hinduism totally? Only those that survived can tell their side of the story.

That is another reason why the idea of "peaceful co-existence" with Islam is a fallacy. It simply cannot happen. And it has never happened throughout Islam's history. This is not a coincidence of course, given that Islam defines itself as a "religion to end all other religions." It's very definition is predatory. It seeks to destroy other religions and replace them with Islam. Muhammad did this successfully in arabia, and Hadith records his desire to expel all Jews and Christians from Arabia (the others had already been exterminated or forcibly converted - the only 2 options available to those who are not Jews or Christians under Islam).

Let be aware of the facts. One cannot argue intelligently when one is unaware of facts. Perhaps when the facts are known, we might find a way out of this mess. But unaware of facts, we are only committing mass suicide.

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