Fighting Jihad - Indian style

Thanks to Nomad for the link to this video.

(To my Western readers - this video clip in Hindi discusses the Congress government's plan to provide pensions to families of Jihadi terrorists the Indian army kills, often at great loss to lives of its own personnel.)

You guys won't believe this. I learned in my economics class that when you want to encourage something, you subsidize it or reward it monetarily. The Indian government is actually rewarding Jihad in Kashmir by giving pensions to slain Jihadi terrorists! Yes, you read that right - if a Jihadi terrorist is killed by Indian security forces in Kashmir, his family gets a pension. The logic? These people are "our own people, who have been misguided, and to treat people with humanity and compassion is the Indian way."

OK, let's just understand what is being said here. If you are a Jihadi in Kashmir, you pick up a gun, kill a few Hindus, help cleanse the valley of all Hindus, kill a few security forces, and are then gunned down in a battle, your family is well taken care of. Not by Jihadis, but by the Indian government, because after all, you were only "misguided"! A dove who temporarily lost his senses. Not a soldier in the most hateful and intolerant ideology in the world today (Jihad), but a "misguided youth".

For those who are still in disbelief, let me explain why we Indians act this way. There are two reasons - one ideological, the other political.

First, the ideological reason. We Hindus have never fully understood a simple fact - the Islam wants to eradicate us. Period. It wants us all dead (as Hindus, or converted to Islam). This is not my opinion, but the stated goal of all schools of Islamic jurisprudence. This has led to what I call the "Prithviraj syndrome" among Hindus. Recall that Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler to sit on the throne of Delhi before the Marathas entered Delhi in 1737AD. Prithviraj Chauhan lost his Hindu kingdom to Muhammad Ghori in 1192AD, after his defeat at the second battle of Tarain. In the first battle of Tarain, in 1191AD, Prithviraj had defeated and captured Ghori. But instead of putting him away for good, he is said to have nursed his wounds himself, given him one of his finest horses, hugged him, and given him a warm farewell, saying "You came as my enemy, but I send you off as a brother." What fine chivalry! At the cost of the nation! This Islamic "brother" returned the next year, defeated Prithviraj, put him in a cage like an animal, took him to Ghazni, humiliated him, blinded him, and killed him. To this day, Afghans dishonor the grave of Prithviraj in Ghazni.

This is what brotherhood with Islam leads to.

How hard is it for us to understand that you cannot be brothers with someone whose goal is to kill you? Islam's scriptures have, as their highest goal, the eradication of other religions, with Hindu Dharma perhaps top of the list because it is an "idolatrous" religion. That is why Islam's reaction to Hindu Dharma was by far the most brutal and barbaric among its all its reactions to different faiths. Islam has some minor temporary tolerance for "the people of the book" (the Christians and the Jews), but every single school and scholar of Islam says that idolators must be killed. Islam will never give us an inch when it is in power. Look at the Hindus of Bangladesh. Almost 2 million were butchered in 1971. When will we learn that this ideology is not satiated by our appeasement. It only gets more aggressive, more brutal, and more barbaric the more we show our kindness.

Let me give you an example of the kind of people we are dealing with. When Kashmiri Jihadis killed 23 Hindus at the Wandhama massacre, they came in dressed as security men. The Hindu women made tea for them and offered them snacks, showing traditional hospitality to guests, because we have been taught that "Atithi devo bhavah" (Treat a Guest in your house as you would treat God). These Hindus did not know what brutality lay in store for them, simply because they were Hindus, and therefore targetted for extermination by Islam. The Jihadi fiends enjoyed the hospitality, then proceeded to kill the entire family, including a 1 year old baby. This is Islam for you. Islam does not recognize us as human beings even. We are like cockroaches - fit only for extermination. Please understand this before it is too late. It is already too late in large parts of what was once a glorious civilization. Our Western and Eastern parts have been eaten up by Islam. Kashmir's valley is gone and the eradication of Hindu Dharma from it is complete. The temples the fleeing Hindus left behind have all been destroyed. Assam is next. Its districts that border Bangladesh have seen such a large influx of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims that Hindus have had to leave these districts. In our lifetimes, we saw Kashmir go away, and we will almost certainly see Assam go too. Another lost station for Hindu Dharma. Lost because we, after 1300 years of contact with Islam, still do not see Islam for what it is - a murderous ideology that will not stop before it has destroyed our civilization, a task it began in earnest in 712AD when Muhammed Bin Qasim invaded Sindh.

The second reason is political. If indeed all the government wants to show is "traditional Indian humane-ness" then why does it not show it to the 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus who were evicted from Kashmir by the Jihadis? Why only to Muslims? Because of vote bank politics. You see, Hindus do not vote as one bloc. The Congress, like foreign rulers before it, have always tried to divide Hindus and appeal to each segment separately. The division is done usually along caste lines. But Muslims are not that way - they vote en bloc, and directly affect the results of many constituencies. When the Congress does something as anti-national as giving pensions to families of terrorist Jihadis, it is appealing to that vote bank. And what does that say about this vote bank? Is India dear to them? Or are terrorist Jihadis in Kashmir who kill Hindus dearer? By doing this, the Congress is tacitly admitting that Muslims in India do NOT vote along nationalist lines. I know many nationalist muslims, but they are in a minority. The majority votes along the lines sanctioned by the Ulema (Islamic clerics) of various schools. These schools openly preach sedition, and we simply turn the other way. Does the average Hindu know what the Deoband School teaches? It openly preaches that Muslims are NOT to show loyalty to India, but only to the Muslim Ummah (Global Muslim Nation). This is going on under our very noses, but the "secular" media never focuses on this sedition. I hope to have an article on the curriculum taught at Deoband very soon.

The elections are almost here. I urge all Indian readers of this blog to see the urgency of the situation and do what they can to remove the Congress from power. The Congress is doing today what Jaichand did in 1192AD - siding with those who wish to destroy our civilization. Its pathetic attempts at appeasing its vote bank, under the garb of "Indian humanity" is not fooling anyone. In the battle against Islam, we must first defeat two forces within India - the Congress and the Left - both of which are in bed with the enemy. It is these internal enemies that make us vulnerable. Remember, Prithviraj did not lose to Ghori. In reality, he lost to the enemy within - to Jaichand. If we weed out the Jaichands who are eating up our country like termites, then we can face any external aggression.

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